Find body and soul
harmony with

Mobile application for harmonizing the
chakras and listening to meditations.


Open your chakras


Ram Mantra

Chakra Manipura



Balance your chakras
with mantras, music
and solfeggio sound frequencies.


Relax, relieve from а stress,
focus on work and let
all the negativity go.


Combine sound landscapes of your
choice — chose music and add brain.
frequencies and complete breath. practices.

User Reviews

Vitya Islamgaleev

The best application for short meditations, before going to bed or just during the day to relieve stress. Everything is so conveniently done, with love for the user. such things are immediately felt.

Vitalina Hao

I use "Chakris" for meditation from insomnia. I like that nothing is buggy, and everything is beautifully drawn.

Anastasia Tikhanova

A lot of suitable practices, well-chosen music and a normal price tag for a subscription! As an experienced yoga instructor - I recommend the app to my students

Alyona M

Thanks to the application, I was able to start working with my chakras)) I feel cool insights in creativity and at work) 5 points, release improvements more often!

Vladimir T.

It’s a cool app without uncomfortable functions. I was especially pleased with the mantras that have voices. It’s convenient for listen while working, very tune in to the process! Tnx!